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Killmaiden's Compendium
Author’s Travel Photos
The Wide World isn’t our world, but it bears obvious resemblances. I’ve been lucky enough to travel to some amazing places over the years. While I may have left those countries, I suppose they never left me. More than a few of them have made their way into Killmaiden’s, at least in a fictionalized way, and some may yet show up in later Killmaiden’s books. If you’ve got great photos of your own family trips, feel free to send them in (kids, get parental permission first!), and I’ll try to put them up on the site for other fans of adventure to see.

photo_jas_scrub.jpg photo_arches_utah.jpg photo_uninhabited_scrub.jpg photo_jas_austin_baby.jpg photo_budapest_snow.jpg
photo_chateau_blois.jpg photo_pompeii_cristin.jpg photo_skiing_tahoe.jpg photo_budapest_trenchcoat.jpg photo_jas_rock_climbing.jpg

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